Best Practice: PROMOTE COOPERATION Initiative

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While DOD has long recognized the necessity to collaborate with other USG departments and agencies on contingency planning, there are significant impediments to interagency planning collaboration, including dissimilar planning cultures, diverse timelines, and security concerns. In 2001, DOD established the PROMOTE COOPERATION initiative to better integrate interagency viewpoints into its planning efforts.

PROMOTE COOPERATION is a forum sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Joint Staff to bring partners together from across the interagency community to help DOD work through specific planning issues. PROMOTE COOPERATION meetings vary in format and participants based on the planning issue to be discussed. In addition to working through specific issues, PROMOTE COOPERATION provides an opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of each agency’s role, missions, and capabilities. Recent seminars have featured more than 30 different offices from across the US government coming together for a common purpose. The results of PROMOTE COOPERATION conferences are improving DOD’s planning assumptions and its understanding of how civilian agency actions and programs integrate with DOD plans, as well as identifying issues that require further collaboration.

The Guidance for Employment of the Force directed interagency input early in the plan development process on two campaign plans—US Southern Command and US Africa Command. PROMOTE COOPERATION provides a forum to develop these new plans and to develop the relationships and processes required for success.

Contact the Joint Staff/J7, Interagency Planning Branch for more information on PROMOTE COOPERATION (703-697-3017).